Wendy Bertrand Activities with Sitting Room 2020/21

Introduction and Mini Movie  

by Wendy S. Bertrand of her activities 

with The Sitting Room in 2020/21


The Sitting Room is a cozy community free library that was conceived as a unique response to the Women’s Movement 40 years ago and is open to all interested in women’s achievements in the arts and in literature. Currently located in a house surrounded by redwood trees just blocks from Sonoma State University, it provides a destination of books by and about women, with rooms to read and write and converse, accented (pre-pandemic) with workshops and events. This privately funded special library has collected over 6000 publications from donors, its main source.

During a major renovation undertaken amidst the 2020/2021 Pandemic, I was recruited to design new bookshelves for the front room where the fireplace and old carpeting were removed. While the new shelves were being constructed, I offered to exhibit My Self Portrait and three carpets from my series Paying Attention on the open wall designated for the new Bertrand Bookcases.

For people wanting to know more about The Sitting Room, contact J.J. Wilson at her email, boxcar@sonic.net

Four minute Mini Movie for your viewing: