Speaking about Enamored With Place May 8, 2015

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Photo by Anthony Morin of Wendy Bertrand in front of Alliance Francaise before talk Friday, May 8, 2015

Architect, Author, and activist, Wendy Bertrand, will be discussing the many important issues raised in her memoir, Enamored with Place: As Woman + As Architect, including how she practiced Architecture where women’s ability to influence the profession has been difficult for a long time.

Wendy is a true Francophile. She began learning French in the 1960s while living in Paris and taking classes at the Alliance Française. And she first studied architecture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Montpellier before returning to UC Berkeley, where, as a single mom, she earned a Bachelor of Architecture and a Master’s Degree in Architecture and launched herself on an architectural climb up the ladder in Federal Government with the US Navy and Forest Service. Licensed in California, she remains active around women’s issues in architecture. Her daughter, Chanette Manso, is a light painter who lives in France.

Wendy hopes the audience will join her in a lively discussion on May 8. She is donating all the proceeds from the evening’s book sales to the Alliance Française de San Francisco.

Talk on May 8 Alliance Francaise in English.pagesTalk on May 8 Alliance Francaise in English.pages


Alliance Française de San Francisco

1345 Bush Street – map

San Francisco, CA 94109

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