Review on Amazon by Alicia Young

GOOD READ – memoir, travel, architecture, relationships!

By AusWriter

This review is from: Enamored with Place: As Woman + As Architect (Hardcover)

Wendy Bertrand weaves the personal and the professional deftly into an entertaining adventure as a young woman makes her mark in the world. ENAMORED OF PLACE should be required reading for all architects — but like any good story, it transfers far beyond that profession in both its entertainment value and its wise observations (I love the Godfather trilogy, without plans to be a mobster…). With many images inset into the text, this book is not only good read, but a page turner’s delight. It has warmth, humanity and perspective.

I found myself nodding, laughing –and shaking my head (photos of swimsuit models sprinkled through an office presentation, to keep the men alert?!). The author captures the sense of swimming against the current to be heard and recognized – and does so with wit, humor and grace. Good read.

Author of The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Grace and one time anchor on Russia Today.  We were both at the May 2013 San Francisco Book Festival.


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