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Location, location, location + discrimination     Enamored with Place: As Woman + As Architect is an eye-opening memoir—and a call to action—by architect, author, fiber artist, and activist, Wendy Bertrand. It is historically significant and offers a sharp critique … Continue reading


SF Waldorf School: Architecture Class Press Release

May 6, 2014 History of Architecture Class
Peggy Fok, teacher   Wendy Bertrand, architect and guest speaker

History of Architecture Class

History of Architecture Class photo by Niles and Miranda

San Francisco Experts in Sustainable Design Share their Vision with the Next Generation Unique High School Program Connects Students with Leading Local Voices and the Power of Place ! San Francisco – A renowned group of San Francisco architects, authors, and sustainability experts will anchor a unique three-day educational program this week that connects graduating high school seniors with the structures, systems, and environment of their City!

The students are from San Francisco Waldorf High School’s History of Architecture class, one of several required courses designed to help seniors understand their emerging place in the world. Featured speakers include Wendy Bertrand, architect and author of the award-winning memoir, Enamored with Place, and Eric Corey Freed, founder of organicARCHITECT and expert in biomimicry architecture, a design discipline that relies on nature’s patterning and strategies to guide sustainability. !

Noted Freed: “We’ve left this world a mess for the next generation, so the very least we can do is to help motivate and inspire young people to work toward making the world a better place. I am excited to see what they come up with!

Program Itinerary: Please contact SFWS if you would like to attend any of the events below !

Tuesday, May 6
9:00 Enamored with Place author Wendy Bertrand on new directions in architecture, including PhD. programs in sustainable architecture at the SF Waldorf High School 470 West Portal Ave !

Thursday, May 8
8:30 Urban Farming Graze the Roof: Glide’s rooftop garden 330 Ellis St. !

9:30 Sustainable Municipal Building SF Public Utilities Commission (LEED-Platinum) 525 Golden Gate Ave !

11:45 Sustainable Design in Historic San Francisco Building Smith Group architects lead tour Bentley Reserve 301 Battery !

1:00 Biomimicry Architecture Award-winner architect and author Eric Corey Freed 301 Battery St.

2:30 Regional Transportation and Urban Housing Hub Transbay Transit Center 201 Mission Street !

3:00 Privately Owned Public Open Space Benjamin Osgood discusses workplace sustainability 343 Sansome St. !

4:00 Downtown Architectural Highlights Student presentation/walking tour 201 Mission Street– 140 Maiden Ln. !

Friday, May 9

8:30 What Shaped San Francisco? Walking tour with writer and educator Joel Pomerantz 10th & Lincoln SF Botanical Garden and California of Academy of Sciences !

11:00 Transformation of Public Streets David Winslow, Living Alleys 300 Linden St. !

1:00 Ecological Bicycle Tour Chris Carlsson, author, educator 518 Valencia St.

3:00 Green Building and Landscaping Eco-Center



Speaking at 100 Authors for Literacy

Wendy and Belva Davis and oour memoirs1st photo Wendy Bertrand with Belva Davis both with memoirs
Wendy and Alicia Sept 21, 20132nd photo Wendy Bertrand with author Alicia Young at Authors for Literacy event

North Central Neighborhood Association
Dr. Martin Luther King Community Center
725 Monte Diable Avenue
San Mateo, California

Saturday, September 21 from 10 am to 4 pm
Books for sale from 60 authors and short presentations by each

Wendy Bertrand, Enamored with Place: As Woman + As Architect will 1:15 pm to 1:30pm in the Salmon Room

Belva Davis will be the featured speaker at 2 pm about her memoir Never in My Wildest Dreams in Main Auditorium

Dr. Joy DeGruy Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome to speak at 3 pm in main auditorium


Reader’s Review

by Tamara Mitchell, Brookings, Oregon  September 10, 2013

Wendy is an extraordinary woman who has led an extraordinary life.  On so many levels I can relate to her experiences.  Her trip to Europe after graduating from high school is what I dreamed to do.  My mother was restrictive and would not allow me to do this, but Wendy had a mother who allowed her to make her own way and supported this rather wild experience.  Our lives do parallel each other as she became an architect for the navy and I was an engineer in the flight simulation and defense industry…we both were women in predominantly male careers.  Experiences of sexism required persistence and determination to achieve recognition and advancement through tenacity and excellence.  Reading her experiences brought a flood of memories from my own career back to mind.  Her battles with an unreasonable husband, coping with a rebellious teenage daughter, frustrations with personal relationships were interwoven with her professional life. Every struggle in her personal and professional life were so real and every victory brings a feeling of satisfaction and knowledge that those of us who were forging these new inroads in male-dominated careers were breaking the trail for women behind us….showing that women do have a very legitimate and valid contribution, and often a viewpoint that has been needed and missing. And above all, Wendy’s drive to bring usability to the forefront in her work environment, the architectural designs she was responsible for, and to her own home redesigns was refreshing.  Form should always follow function, but in so many cases, the desires and needs of the people who will be using a space are not taken into account.  She obviously cared first about the people she was managing and the people who would use her buildings…and then about how to turn these requirements into a structure that would function smoothly as needed and that would be creative and beautiful visually.  And she did it in the environment of the Navy!  I truly enjoyed reading this book.


Enamored with Place at Farmers’ Market

Enamored with Place at Del Norte Farmers; MarketOn Saturday July 27, 2013 Wendy Bertrand (taking photo) joined Made by Us Art 101 owner Glenna Kinball, (left, customer on right) for one of the Saturday mornings Glenna comes to the market. Enamored with Place books were on displayed by local architect/author Bertrand,   one of many artists represented in the crafty store on 101 north in Crescent City